Hi, my name is Gene.  I have been collecting Baseball Cards for many years.  Some of you my recognize me as XZYXZY.  I collect mainly DEREK JETER.  I also collect "good" Rookies.  Not interested in (RC).  If you have cards that I need, I will trade GU for inserts, inserts for base and etc.  I also have some older Football available for trade.  Mostly Rookies & full sets.  I do not collect Football any more.  These are left from the days that I did.  I would be looking for Baseball or $$ in trade.  Regarding "full sets", I do not trade based upon Beckets.  I think a full set should be worth at least the total value of all the cards in the set, not less.  It's much more difficult to complete a full set and therefore it should be worth more.  The trade value on my sets is "negotiable".  Please take a minute to check out my trade lists.  They are constantly being updated so come back often.  Thanks.